YSPOR’s Youth Wellness Project, ‘Promoting Youth Wellness: Understanding the Impacts of Programming in Pelly Crossing’, aims to determine the impact of cultural, social, and physical activities on youth wellness in Pelly Crossing. The project also aims to understand the types of programs youth wish to see in their community and the factors that influence their decision to participate in such programs. Understanding the interests of youth is critical when implementing recreational activities that seek to promote youth wellness. 

YSPOR employees, Mark and Jamie, began travelling to Pelly in April to facilitate the programs in partnership with Selkirk First Nation community members. This study involves eight weeks of programs with a different cultural, social or physical activity scheduled each week. After completing each session participants can complete a paper copy of a short survey to provide their feedback and share their interests for future programs. Activities include: a group fitness class, road hockey tournament, hand games, a drum circle, beading, carving and soap making workshops. At this time, the research team has collected 42 survey responses from youth aged 9-35 in Pelly. There are still a few more weeks of programming left before the completion at the end of May!

Upon the completion of the last workshop in May, the research team will begin to analyze the data. The analyzed data findings will be brought back to the full research team for a review and discussion on implications and context. Findings from this study will be provided to Selkirk First Nation with the aim of supporting Selkirk First Nation to understand what programs youth want in their community and how to effectively advertise programs and increase youth participation.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this project. This project would not be possible without the support of Selkirk First Nation, YukonU staff at the Hets’edän Kú’, Pelly Crossing Campus, and the amazing youth who come out every week! 

Author: Jamie Thomas & Mark Christopher